President's Message

2017 has been a year of change and challenge.  There is new President in the White House, the unemployment rate is at it’s lowest percentage in many years, the stock market is at all-time highs, and the financial services industry continues to consolidate.  However, the President is under investigation, the percentage of people active in the workforce is low, the rise in the Prime interest rate threatens the stability of the stock market, and businesses find access to traditional credit markets difficult.

The Chicago Chapter of the IMA has experienced similar change and challenges.  The Chapter is financially sound, membership continues to expand, and support from IMA Global continues to be strong.  However, several key positions within the Chapter have been vacated by resignations, local activities have been limited, and support from the membership in Chicago will be important for the advancement, and even survival, of the Chapter.

As with all organizations, the executive management core is critical for the success of the Chapter.  We have a terrific opportunity to advance the Chapter.  The budget for the year is sound.  The support from the Global organization is firm, and the current board members are committed.  It is my desire and commitment to find additional members who would like to help.

The Chicago Chapter will follow a 2017-2018 business plan to provide advisory events that address professional development, the current trends in the professional environment, and initiatives on the academic side that can aid the professional management accountant.  As always we will look for ways to include Chapter members in professional and social networking activities.  Please reach out to me if you have ideas how we can work together to strengthen our organization in 2017-2018.

Thank You.

James M. Wilber